Nuclear Quality Assurance Statement

Teledyne LeCroy Test Services (TLTS) maintains a Quality Assurance Program that is structured on the requirements of the Title 10, Part 50, Appendix B of the Code of Federal Regulations (10CFR50), ANSI N45.2, and ASME NQA-1 2008, Addendum 2009 to provide the nuclear industry with safety related SMARTSTEMs, strain gage sensors, Motor Operated Valve (MOV) and Air Operated Valve (AOV) test/diagnostic equipment, engineering services including weak link analysis, and the development of safety related software for use on TLTS in-house computers and external TLTS customer’s computers.

The TLTS Quality Assurance program is invoked on all projects and tasks that are classified by TLTS as safety related. The program meets all of the requirements of the nuclear power industry for both safety-related and commercial grade products. The program follows Quality Assurance Manual, 4th Edition, Revision 0, dated July 20, 2017.

Any TLTS response to a customer’s verbal or written request for quotation/proposal, when no standards, codes or regulations are noted or reference, is to be considered a commercial quotation/proposal.

TLTS classifies individual products, components, and/or services as safety related and or commercial grade. TLTS manufactures many commercial products. Verification and validation process results may be used to classify these same products as safety related.

Kind Regards,
Jason J. Haglund
Nuclear Quality Assurance Manager

This quality statement is available as a PDF for download.