Company Profile

With a lineage dating back to the 1930s, the Test Services business unit of Teledyne Instruments has a reputation for high-quality, cost-effective products and technical support services.

We have provided equipment and analytical services for use in hostile environments, including temperatures greater than 550oC and ocean depths of 7 kilometers.

Our transducers are found in highly diverse applications such as on the Space Shuttle robotic arm, deep-sea oil-drilling risers, natural-gas storage tanks, automobile test vehicles and nuclear power plant valves.

Test Services valve-testing products are recognized as the technological standard for monitoring torque and thrust in critical safety-related systems within nuclear power plants. We also offer specialized data acquisition and data logging equipment to interface with these sensors.

We manufacture a wide range of single and multi-axis load and torque sensors for rotating and non-rotating applications. Our Torque Wrench Calibrators are used throughout industry as a standard on the shop floor.

In addition to products, Test Services provides engineering services for field testing and on-site installation as well as consultation on stress/strain-related projects.

Company Overview

Not many of us embrace testing challenges like Teledyne LeCroy Test Services. With almost 50 years of experience, we are unique as a source of both equipment and service for the precise measurement of torque and force in the testing of mechanical systems. Download a PDF with more information.

For additional information, contact:

Roger Masson, General Manager
Tel: 508-748-0103 x 105
Fax: 508-748-1093
513 Mill Street, Marion, MA 02738